Monday, November 21, 2011


For my last several books, I have dithered over whether or not to use a book video to promote the book's release.  Could a video actually convey the feel of the book or would it give readers a false sense of what the book was about?   Would it help readers visualize the characters to see faces associated with them or would it be off-putting?  Would it strike a chord or fall flat?

Yep, DITHERED... that is such a perfect word for me.  :-)  Back and forth, first one decision and then the opposite, never actually making any decision at all.

Then I met a fellow author who actually produces her own book trailers.  She also does them for other authors.  I thought her work was lovely.  And it didn't hurt that I like her as a person, too!   Grounded in that trust, I finally decided to take the Video Plunge!!

Lex Valentine, the creative force behind Winterheart Design, produced this trailer for me.  I love what she did and how she captured the feel of the story through the colors she used, the photos she chose and, most of all, the music she added.   I hope you'll love it, too.  [And if you're an author looking for your own trailer or a book cover -- which she also does a lovely job of creating -- I hope you'll stop by her site and check out her work].  My thanks to Lex!

The video "lives" on YouTube.  When you click on the video below, you'll receive a notice to that effect.  Click again on the WATCH ON YOUTUBE message and you will be taken to it's home on YouTube [music licenses and all that technical stuff require this].   You will probably have to click in the middle of the black screen once you get there before you'll hear the wind blowing...

So, here we go.  Drum roll please...

In advance of the December 27, 2011 release of WARRIOR'S  REDEMPTION, I give you my very first ever book trailer:


  1. This is the first time I have seen a book trailer before. I really loved the music.

  2. Isn't the music wonderful? It wasn't at all what I was thinking of when we first began working on the trailer, but Lex is good at what she does and once I heard the music coupled with the video, I knew she'd made the right choice.

    Incidentally, there's a link on YouTube under the book trailer that allows you to purchase the music if you want. I actually ended up buying from iTunes because I write to music to help get me in the mood for different scenes and this has a feel to it that I think will be excellent for that purpose.

  3. The music is perfect, I had my boyfriend listen to it and he named the singer instantly. We are going to have to buy it now. I completely understand where you are coming from with writing with music to get you in the mood, I use it when I am writing on my blog.

  4. AWESOME.........Love the Video....can't wait....

  5. FABULOUS trailer, Melissa! And seeing that it's December 27th, Happy Release Day!

  6. Nice trailer, I've read the book now and loved it!