Monday, September 13, 2010

The Festival and the Fire

What an interesting weekend it's been.  Let me share with you...
On Friday my youngest son and I drove up to Estes Park, Colorado, to attend the Long's Peak Scottish Irish Festival.  It's only about twenty-two miles from where we live, and it's a beautiful drive ~
We wandered around, shopped [of course!], ate a lovely lunch [shepherd's pie for both of us and an order to haggis to take home to hubby since he couldn't come along], and watched some of the totally cool events taking place.
There was a jousting competition:

And there was the tossing competitions... we got there in time to see the tossing of the beer kegs ~
Now, that alone would have been pretty much enough to have made for an excellent way to spend a Friday, but as we were leaving I discovered that a Celtic band called Albannach was getting ready to play in the musicians' tent.  I absolutely could NOT leave without seeing them live.  Just a couple of weeks ago the wonderful Kim Adams [of ] mentioned how much she liked the band and listed their website so everyone could have a listen.  I listened and immediately ordered a cd.  [ ]  After seeing and hearing them perform live, I bought two more! 
Seriously... the energy coming off that stage was unbelievable.  And that energy comes right through their cd's -- my new favorite writing music! 

I'd planned to go back yesterday [Sunday] with hubby so he could see them, too, but the fire out back sort of disrupted our plans for the day.  We'd headed out for a late breakfast/early lunch before driving up to Estes and though we'd seen lots of emergency equipment passing us heading west, I'd just assumed a traffic accident... until we pulled into the restaurant parking lot and looked back in the direction we'd driven from.  ACK!  A quick call home to our son confirmed for us that breakfast would be better served at home! 

The fire is approximately seven miles west of our house.  Here's what it looks like from my back yard ~
As of this morning, the fire is approximately 650 acres, but 10% contained.  The firefighters are absolutely amazing and I know everyone between my back yard and the fire perimeter [and those within] are extremely grateful to them.

We'll all be keeping our fingers crossed for NO winds today so that those heroes can get the best of the fire!

Until next time ~

~ Melissa