Tuesday, July 20, 2010

RomCon Recap

At last the book is done and I have time to sit back and take a deep breath.  Whew!  It also means I have time now to talk about my experience at RomCon.

As I mentioned in my last post, I absolutely loved my RomCon experience.  I had the good fortune to meet so many people I only "knew" from online... people I follow on Twitter, bloggers, and wonderful authors whose books I read and love.  I can't wait to do it all again next year!!

Let me start with my RomCon preparations.  I'd suggested to Elaine and Michelle [the lifeforce behind RomCon!] that it might be fun to have a function that afforded bloggers and reviewers the opportunity to meet one another and socialize for a bit.  They countered by offering me the opportunity to sponsor such an event -- and so was born the Melissa Mayhue and Friends Blogger/Reviewer Party!

The "Friends" ended up being a wonderful group of authors who volunteered to provide prizes for the attendees and help sponsor the cost of the event.  It was a totally wonderful for me because many of those authors are ones whose books I can hardly wait to get my hands on as they're released!  

Here's the list:

Leanne Banks, Meljean Brook, Susan Crandall, Jeaniene Frost, Blythe Gifford, Deeanne Gist, Hannah Howell, Tara Janzen, Cathy Maxwell, Erin Nicholas, Julia Quinn, Melissa Schroeder, Anna Campbell, Nalini Singh, Meg Benjamin, Jeanne Stein, and Sourcebooks Casablanca editor, Deb Werksman

See what I mean?  I was as busy being a major FanGirl as anyone in the room! :-)

I've seen several Tweets and blogs which mentioned all the books people brought home from RomCon.   I took this photo of the books that were sent to me to put into the individual bags that each and every attendee of the Blogger/Reviewer party took home:

It's difficult to see here, but those stacks go back two layers deep.  In addition to the authors who sponsored the event, my thanks also go out to my publisher, Pocket Books for contributing three huge boxes of books as well as SourceBooks/Casablanca for all the books they sent.  Both are publishing houses that understand how very important readers are! 

What that meant for attendees of the event was that every bag was stuffed with at least five books -- and more were added the day of the event by authors who hadn't sent theirs ahead of time!  Keep in mind, this was for only ONE event!

My only regret about RomCon was that I was scheduled for so many events, I had almost no time to just sit in the lobby and visit!  Still, each and every event was relaxed enough that it wasn't like I didn't get plenty of visiting in my weekend.  Oh... and the names on the name tags were really small.  Either that or it's time to get my eyes checked again!!  :-)

Until next time ~

~ Melissa  

Monday, July 12, 2010

RomCon 2010 - The Short Version

OMG!!  RomCon was one of the absolutely best weekends I've spent!  I got to meet so many real bloggers [as opposed to pretend bloggers like me!]... women who do fantastic jobs of keeping their blogs updated with relevant information and great book reviews.  It was SO much fun to meet you all!

I'm on the squeeky-icky tail end of deadline right now.  My book absolutely, positively HAS to be on it's little FedEx way by the weekend, so I can't take the time to tell you all about my wonderful RomCon Experience -- or to post my pics [though, I'm no more photographer than I am blogger! :-) ].

BUT...  Next week, it's my SECOND priority.  FIRST priority???  Sending out bookmarks and tattoos to all the wonderful readers who've sent in a request!  I'll be totally caught up after next week, I promise!  Then I'll update the blog with photos and tell you all about my experience at RomCon 2010.  I understand there was a little Twitter chatter about some of the panels [not necessarily positive] - one of which I happened to be on.  I didn't bring my laptop along for the weekend [and I'm so not a phone text gal] so couldn't jump in, but I'll be addressing that one next week, too.

The short version is this:  I loved RomCon!  I had THE most wonderful time meeting so many readers, bloggers, reviewers, authors...  Everyone was so much fun!  And I will definitely be back in 2011 if they'll have me!  :-)  I hope you guys will consider being there, too, so we can spend a weekend visiting and gabbing, getting to know each other and chatting about our shared love of books!!!

See you guys next week with details and photos!!!

~ Melissa

Feel free to leave comments - I can't promise I'll get to them until the book is done, but I'll try!  ;-)