Saturday, June 30, 2012

Coming October 30, 2012 - WARRIOR REBORN

Warrior Reborn - November 2012
Isn't he beautiful? 

That's the new cover for my upcoming release, WARRIOR REBORN.  He'll be in stores on October 30, 2012, but he's already available for pre-order online.

This is Chase Noble's book.  That's right... the missing brother of Destiny and Leah from the Daughter's of the Glen series.  Chase isn't missing anymore.  At least he doesn't start out missing at the beginning of the book...

Here's the back cover copy:

Former special ops agent CHASE NOBLE has been searching his whole life for the place where he belongs.  As a descendant of Fae, he senses fate has more in store for him.  And he will not rest until he discovers what his true purpose is.  When he travels back in time to medieval Scotland, he discovers his mission is to save a beautiful woman -- the same woman he is destined to be with.

CHRISTIANA MACDOWYLT possesses the gift of foresight.  Prisoner of her evil half brother, Christiana has visions that show her that only one warrior can rescue her -- a man she is mysteriously drawn to.  The only problem is, he's in the future.  Now she must rely on the magic of a Faerie to transport him to the past.  And when Christiana finally meets Chase, the sparks between them set off a smoldering desire.  But will the magic that brought them together also tear them apart?