Monday, July 12, 2010

RomCon 2010 - The Short Version

OMG!!  RomCon was one of the absolutely best weekends I've spent!  I got to meet so many real bloggers [as opposed to pretend bloggers like me!]... women who do fantastic jobs of keeping their blogs updated with relevant information and great book reviews.  It was SO much fun to meet you all!

I'm on the squeeky-icky tail end of deadline right now.  My book absolutely, positively HAS to be on it's little FedEx way by the weekend, so I can't take the time to tell you all about my wonderful RomCon Experience -- or to post my pics [though, I'm no more photographer than I am blogger! :-) ].

BUT...  Next week, it's my SECOND priority.  FIRST priority???  Sending out bookmarks and tattoos to all the wonderful readers who've sent in a request!  I'll be totally caught up after next week, I promise!  Then I'll update the blog with photos and tell you all about my experience at RomCon 2010.  I understand there was a little Twitter chatter about some of the panels [not necessarily positive] - one of which I happened to be on.  I didn't bring my laptop along for the weekend [and I'm so not a phone text gal] so couldn't jump in, but I'll be addressing that one next week, too.

The short version is this:  I loved RomCon!  I had THE most wonderful time meeting so many readers, bloggers, reviewers, authors...  Everyone was so much fun!  And I will definitely be back in 2011 if they'll have me!  :-)  I hope you guys will consider being there, too, so we can spend a weekend visiting and gabbing, getting to know each other and chatting about our shared love of books!!!

See you guys next week with details and photos!!!

~ Melissa

Feel free to leave comments - I can't promise I'll get to them until the book is done, but I'll try!  ;-)

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