Friday, March 19, 2010

You Can't Judge a Book by its Cover???


Something extraordinarily cool happened for me last year. Well, extraordinarily cool by my standards, anyway. Foreign rights were sold for a couple of my books to wonderful publishers in both Germany and in Japan. That happened in April 2009 and since then, I’ve sort of put it in the back of my mind.

Today, the coolest thing showed up in my mail… copies of my first book released in Japan!!! It was almost as exciting as holding my first release in my hands almost three years ago. It certainly looked like a totally different book.
And it got me thinking… maybe you guys would like to see how the different countries portray the same book.

So here it is. My first published book,

Pocket Books in July, 2007. I love this cover. Truly, it set the tone for my entire series and each time I see my newest release cover, I feel like I’ve been blessed by the cover faeries all over again!

Here’s the cover for the same book released by
Magnolia Romance in Japan. Today was the first time I saw this cover. It reminds me of one of the kind of RPG I love to play in my downtime.

It’s so dreamy and simple and lovely.

Finally, here’s the cover of the German edition
which will be released in October of this year by
Droemer Knaur.

Same book, three totally different looks.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think? Have a favorite among the three?


  1. LOVE the Japanese cover! Any idea what the character translation is? I bet that English title isn't what the characters say.

  2. No idea at all, Jeffe! And I bet you're right. I thought it was totally cool to see my name in characters, though! [It's the little things that make us happy, isn't it???]

  3. It's been so long, I've forgotten, but I didn't remember both Cate and Connor being blond. I still like the original cover the best (but that's because I'm one of the few who prefers covers without people).

    BTW, the german title translates to "The Highlander's Wife (or Woman)".

  4. I dig 'em all, baby! Enjoy your high!

  5. They weren't both blonde, Denise. In fact, neither of them are blondes!!! Another reason to smile at the covers...

    ~ M

  6. Wow, fascinating how different the covers are. I still like the original cover best. Interesting that on the German cover the publisher has gone for blondes. I've read elsewhere that American publishers usually put dark-haired characters on book covers even if they are blonde in the story.

  7. That's very interesting, Helen! I'm sure there's research that goes into determining what sells best in each market. I just find it so interesting as to how differently each market approaches it!

    ~ Melissa

  8. All of them are so beautiful, Melissa! I'm really torn between the original and the Japanese versions... How exciting to get to see your books in print around the world!!

  9. I like the original cover the best. I don't care for the German cover at all, and the Japanese cover is OK. It's really cool that you are getting published in other markets.
    I've loved reading your books. I think the whole Highland guy thing is so awesome (for lack of a better word right now) I wish they were real.

  10. OH the picture of me was taken on the Jesus Boat on the Sea of Gallalee in Israel.

  11. I'm with Denise Patrick, covers don't necessarily need people on them. I love the magical theme of the original and all of the books that follow. And I definitely don't like the blonds. If there are people on the cover I like it to be true to the story.

  12. I dig the original the best. I'm not sure if I would have picked up the German book based on the cover in a book shop. If looks like an x-rated book:) I do like the Japenese cover.

    This book is so much more than a traditional romance novel. (Especially the second book in the series) I think you could lose a bunch of potential readers if you choose the wrong cover.


  13. I also like the original cover best, it looks more enchanting, the german looks cheesy. I'm not sure, if I would have picked up that book in Germany (btw I am german, currently living in the US).

  14. One thing I failed to mention above... When it comes to covers, authors don't have much in the way of power. :-) My primary publisher [Pocket], in addition to doing an outstanding job on the covers [well, I think so!] has also been wonderful in soliciting my input for the covers and giving me a chance to see them before they are THE cover.

    It doesn't work that way when your foreign rights are sold to an foreign publisher. The first time I saw either the Japanese or German versions was when it was on the finished product.

    Another learning experience in this amazingly complex business!

    ~ M